Gary Hutton
Calling Western Style Square Dances, Mainstream, Plus, DBD, Advance

Cueing Rounds Phase II thru IV

** Marriage Officiate **


Member of American Callers Association

Past Member of Indiana Dance Leaders Association (IDLA)

ASCAP and BMI Licensed

Thru March 2018




Welcome to my web site!

I hope this site will give you a peek into who I am so that you can get to know me better. As some of you already know I just love to dance, both squares and rounds, and really love to call. It's so exciting and challenging for me to come and help entertain square dancers whenever I can. Let me first give a brief life story. 

Music has always been a big part of my life, starting with 10 years of piano and 7 years of clarinet lessons as a child. I then went on to major in music at Ball State University and was going to teach, which didn't quite work out. To earn a living I have spent the last 25 years as an EDI systems analyst in Indpls. My wife Deb and I had two wonderful children that are both married and live in the area. Angie, my oldest has two children. William (age 16, and an Eagle Scout) and Casey (age 13) (pictures). Then there is Kelly, my youngest daughter and her son, Jacob (age 11) (pictures).
Deb and I were high school sweethearts and were married in May of 1974 and had been dancing squares for about a year. We continued until Angie came along, but swore we would eventually return to dancing. I had the 'caller' bug back then, but didn't follow thru with it. After about 3 weeks of lessons back in 2003, I got the bug again. 
I current am the club caller for the Riley Wranglers in Cumberland, the Do Si Squares in Noblesville, and the Tuesday 10-12 group in McCordsville,

Something new in 2010 is that I am now cueing round dances. I bought the record collection of a cuer that retired and am working hard at being able to cue rounds. Currently I have over 400 rounds dances ,phase II through IV that I can cue and am adding to my repertoire every week. I have found that I really enjoy cueing almost as much as calling. 

In March of 2016, I completed my ordination requirements to serve as a "Marriage Officiate", and my first assignment was to perform the marriage of my daughter Kelly to Stoddard Worman (June 2017).   See my certificate of ordination and pictures of the ceremony below.  Pics

If you are having a dance, or event that needs a caller or cuer, you might check my 'Schedule' page and see if I am available, then either send an e-mail, or call. My contact information is below

Gary Hutton


2101 Kitchen Dr

Anderson, IN   46017

765 215-7545    Cell   


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